Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 8 Plus All Tips & Tricks

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 8 Plus All Tips & Tricks

You’ve were given domestic, unboxed after which installation your Samsung Galaxy Note eight and now you are trying to play around with every new feature as quick as feasible. You might not recognise every shortcut and trick available for the new cellphone though.

With the S Pen stylus and some of the most up to date software program on the earth, the Galaxy Note 8 is a characteristic-packed telephone, however some of the highlights may be hidden under the floor.

Here we’re going to speak you through a number of the key guidelines and tricks you need to learn how to make the most of your new Samsung phablet.

1. You get to use Bixby
As you’re the use of a latest Samsung telephone, much like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, you could use Bixby. That’s Samsung’s very own voice assistant era that works in a comparable manner to Siri on Apple products and Google Assistant on most Android devices.

It’s really worth giving Bixby a strive as it may manipulate your tune, offer you with your each day routine and do some of other things. There’s even some thing known as Bixby Vision, which lets in you to take pix of what you can see and have Bixby discover it if it’s a landmark, translate it if it is text or tune it down if it is a product.

This is especially useful when you’re on holiday and you’re looking at a tourist enchantment but want that greater piece of information, however be warned it is able to now not constantly paintings.

2. But you may also flip off that demanding button

As awesome as Bixby is, there’s a button on the aspect of the phone that opens the portal and that could get quite aggravating whilst you by accident press it. Samsung has began to keep in mind that not everyone wants to use this option, so it now allows you to turn the Bixby button off.

You can’t remap stated button, however you could just flip it off altogether and we’ve written an entire guide right here that will help you discover ways to turn off the Bixby button.

3. Screen off be aware-taking

Being able to take notes is certainly one of the biggest advantages of the Galaxy Note 8 and its S Pen stylus, but we often find ourselves noting down matters in a rush with out a good deal time to unlock our smartphone and boot up a specific observe-taking app.

Luckily Samsung has prepared for this trouble with the Galaxy Note 8, as the smartphone supports screen off be aware-taking, permitting you to scribble down for your show with out turning it on nicely.

It’s clever and works nicely, so you can just pop out your S Pen whilst the screen is off and start scribbling without having to look thru your apps.

4. The screen is constrained to Full HD via default
Want to make the maximum of your screen on the Galaxy Note 8? You might not realize, but Samsung has limited it to Full HD resolution by way of default in spite of it packing a QHD+ panel.

If you want to apply your show at full electricity, you could head into the settings, press display and you could alternate it to QHD beneath display resolution. That’s a smart choice in case you’re going to be the use of this plenty for digital reality.

Be warned this will likely push your battery a bit bit more difficult, so you’ll locate it dies off a little earlier inside the day than if you left it on Full HD.

5. Waterproof S Pen can write when wet

You probable recognize the Galaxy Note 8 is a waterproof telephone, but did you recognize you may nonetheless use the S Pen stylus while it’s protected in water? That manner you may take notes and scroll around the phone even when it’s dripping wet.

We don’t normally locate plenty use for this, but it does mean you may still use the S Pen while it’s raining and you won’t must worry approximately getting your stylus a little soggy.

6. Samsung Dex works with it
Samsung Dex is a dock you could use to attach your phone up to a reveal with a keyboard and mouse and use it as a productivity tool.

It works well, as you can have the docking station permanently in your desk together with a reveal, keyboard and mouse, then just slide your telephone in while you need to.

It won’t be a useful device for all people, but it’s an clean manner to make your Note 8’s screen even bigger.

7. Greater translation gear 
If you notice textual content in a overseas language, you may use the S Pen to highlight it and your cellphone will then show its first-class translation in your chosen language. It’s a clever function, but as with all translating tech it could every now and then misread a number of the sentences.

8. Use two apps straight away

The Note eight’s 6.3-inch screen makes it one of the satisfactory telephones for multi-tasking, mainly as you could use Android’s split screen view right here.

It’s a simple process too. You’ll want to hit the ‘Recents’ button at the smooth keys at the bottom of the display screen, which you may recognize as the currently going for walks app menu.

Now you can faucet the multitasking tab on your already open apps (it’s the only that looks as if two rectangles atop every other) and it will open them in a compressed half display screen view. Then you could drag the road between them to resize the apps.

9. You can re-order the toggles inside the notification shade
Don’t like the order of the toggles inside the notification coloration whilst you convey it down from the top of the display? You can select your very own order so you can put your maximum-used features into the primary screen of the color.

To do that, pull your finger down from the top of the screen to open up the notification coloration. Then you may need to press on the cog within the top right and press ‘button order’. This will then will let you switch up the order.

10. Improve the fine of your audio through the ‘hearing test’
Head into the Sound and Vibration menu within Settings and you’ll locate an alternative referred to as ‘Adapt Sound’, in which you may take a hearing take a look at designed via Samsung to customise the audio you pay attention at the cellphone.

It will provide you with a chain of beeps for the preliminary part of the test after which will ask what ear you choose to hear your smartphone calls in. After that, you ought to locate audio far better when you’ve got the ‘Adapt Sound’ characteristic became on.

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